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Construction of various conex

Construction of various conex
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Construction of various sheds
Orders for the construction of various sheds (sports-industrial) and trusses are accepted by Skan Folad Sepehr Co.
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Sale of various types of steel

sale of various types of steels
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Manufacture of various cranes

Manufacture of cranes
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Construction of various parking 

Manufacture of parikings
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about our company

Skan Folad Sepehr CO.

Skan Folad Sepehr Company (Registration 416) in 2007 with the aim of working in the field of construction of buildings with metal structures such as sheds and cranes near the largest
The Middle East manufacturer (Mobarakeh Steel Complex) has been established and has been able to create unique designs in the last decade with the help of an artisan and relying on its unique capabilities by using the most advanced and equipped software in the world. At the request of artisans and employers, these projects provide the possibility of high efficiency and cost savings.

  • Excellent engineering
  • Modern and up to date
  • First-class materials
  • Structures with long life

What can we do for you?

Our construction services


Design and construction of various symbolic structures
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Design and implementation of various foundations

Leave the design and construction of all types of foundations, including wide, strip, point, concrete, brick, stone, plate, joint and weighbridge.
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Mechanical eqpt

Leave the design and making your mechanical eqpt to us.

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Making a dream should not be a nightmare!

We turn ideas and perspectives into winning projects.


Competitive Advantage

Benefits of accompanying Skan Folad Sepehr Company

Credibility comes with years of hard work and honesty. We are happy to have the highest credit. 


Reduce the cost of raw materials

Due to its proximity to one of the largest steel producers in the Middle East (Mobarakeh Steel Complex), the cost of raw materials is lower than in all parts of the country.


Experienced and experienced team

Using an experienced and experienced team with unparalleled management saves the employer time and money.


High quality work

High quality work results using the best and most up-to-date materials and equipment in the world


we are professional


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      “تجربه عالی !! مایکل کل مراحل را از مرحله برنامه ریزی گرفته تا کارخانه نهایی آسان کرده است. استیو و خدمه او کار بزرگی انجام داده اند. من احساس می کردم که باغهای Lavish واقعاً به آنچه می خواستم گوش می دادند ، به من ایده دادند و کمک کردند من تصمیم می گیرم که چگونه حیاط خلوت خود را به مکانی برای استراحت و لذت بردن از منظره تبدیل کنم. ”


      – ریچارد داوسون

      وی گفت: “من فقط می خواهم از همه شما متشکرم که برای کار با آنها و داشتن ستاره های راک با بهترین نگرش در این طبقه شانزدهم برای ساخت SPS بسیار سرگرم کننده بودند. این برای من بسیار جالب است که همه شما هر هفته با لبخندهای صورت خود به میز می روید و آماده حل هر مسئله ای هستید. ”


      – لیزا جردن

      “گرینر برای توسعه مجدد پارک دفتر وستند سنتر برای ما شریک حیاتی بوده است. تیم مدیران پروژه ها ، سرپرستان و تیم های پشتیبانی آنها نمی توانند با هیچ پیمانکاری دیگری که در طی 15 سال گذشته با آنها کار کرده ام ، رقیب باشند. ”


      – مایکل اندرسون